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Oh, What a Year It’s Been… In June 2020, DINT was founded on the idea that, despite valuing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, many of us don’t really know how to implement, drive, or sustain such initiatives. In order to improve our own knowledge and encourage discussion within the …

Randa Bennett and Shahad Atiya

In their talk, Randa and Shahad discussed their personal experience growing up as immigrant girls, and they shared tips to help both employers and employees ensure that all cultures are valued in the workplace.

Shola Kaye

In April, DINT was joined by Shola Kaye for From Empathy to Equity: A Hands-On Workshop for Leaders. Shola shared some wonderful personal anecdotes, findings, and tips to encourage empathy in the workplace. Shola is a multi-award-winning speaker, communication consultant, and international performer. Having once worked for blue-chip corporates in …



Dear DINT Community,

We have some very exciting news to share. The DINT team has decided to join forces with the wonderful Watch This Sp_ce, an award-winning UK-based inclusion consultancy. We are so excited to watch our community grow and thrive within this new space (pun intended!), and we hope that you’ll join us in this exciting transition.

From now on, our communication will shift to the Watch this Sp_ce Facebook group, where we hope to grow the community and continue to spread our ideals of diversity and inclusion. Our podcast will merge with the Reimagination at Work podcast, and we can’t wait to continue hearing from experts from around the world.

In order to continue hearing from us following the merge, you’ll need to join the Facebook groupsubscribe to the podcast, and sign up to the Watch This Sp_ce mailing list. We are so enthusiastic to see you all there! Thank you so much for helping the DINT community grow into nearly 1,000 global members. We are so excited to continue our journey alongside Watch This Sp_ce.

Until we meet again,
The DINT Team

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Shahad Atiya

DINT 2021 Speaker


Randa Bennett

DINT 2021 Speaker


Shola Kaye

DINT 2021 Speaker


Khushboo Chabria

DINT 2020 Speaker