DINT: A Year in Review

Oh, What a Year It’s Been… In June 2020, DINT was founded on the idea that, despite valuing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, many of us don’t really know how to implement, drive, or sustain such initiatives. In order to improve our own knowledge and encourage discussion within the tech industry, our founders set […]

Shola Kaye

Empathy at Work: How to Encourage and Engage in Empathic Communication

In April, DINT was joined by Shola Kaye for From Empathy to Equity: A Hands-On Workshop for Leaders. Shola shared some wonderful personal anecdotes, findings, and tips to encourage empathy in the workplace. Shola is a multi-award-winning speaker, communication consultant, and international performer. Having once worked for blue-chip corporates in high-pressure industries like investment banking […]

Mertcan Uzun

7 Steps to Kicking Off a Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Initiative

Mertcan emphasised a concept that we’ve addressed in previous DINT speeches and panels: he says, ‘It’s usually at the beginning of kicking off an IDB initiative that I’ve observed a lot of companies, HR teams, and C-level executives struggling’. It is due to this common struggle that Mertcan decided to create a simple, seven-step process to begin an IDB initiative in your workplace.

two entertwined hands

Contributing to D&I Talks as a Majority

This week, DINT co-founder Davina Sirisena gave some insight about the 3 December talk, Excluded from Inclusion: Join the D&I conversation as a straight, white man. She explained her experience starting DINT and the necessity of joining the conversation, even if you feel nervous about saying the wrong thing.

Ashanti Bentil-Dhue

Is My Workplace Racist?

Organisations around the world have been stepping up and taking action to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In an increasingly conscious environment, it is vital that workplaces take steps to create accepting environments that hinge on mutual respect, understanding, and open-mindedness.

Inclusive recruitment with Annie Boneta, Mo Kanjilal, and Richard Ng

Inclusive Recruitment

Perhaps the most-asked question when considering Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is “How do I start?” On January 28, the DINT was joined by an incredible panel of recruitment and D&I experts as we explored this question and others like it.

Nicholas Mazzei

Has Inclusion Become Exclusive?

Why We Must Include Straight, White Men in D&I Discussions The challenges surrounding D&I are varied and different and require all of our contributions. In order to create a fully diverse and inclusive environment in a workplace, committee, or society, the conversation must include everyone, but often, it is one ‘majority’ — the straight white […]