Nicholas Mazzei

Nicholas Mazzei is a former Army officer, two-time political candidate and the former chair of BT’s gender equality network. Nick first got involved in inclusion when he served as equality and diversity advisor for an Army Brigade of nearly 3,000 soldiers, training soldiers in subjects such as gender, LGBT and race inclusion. Later he was elected as deputy chair and then chair of BT’s large gender equality network as one of only two men on the committee, with the aim of delivering improved flexible working practices into a company of over 100,000 people. As well as this, Nick promoted a greater take-up of extended paternity leave policies and held events with prominent female MPs encouraging more women to get involved in politics.

Nick has written in both The Times and the Irish Times on both culture and politics and is a trustee of a digital payments foundation designed to make it easier for small organisations and charities to get grants to solve local community issues.